The main aim of the EIPTN is to bring together individuals from across Europe to exchange ideas on best practice in intellectual property teaching and learning activities.

In particular, the EIPTN aims to awareness and disseminate information relating to:

  • innovations in the teaching of intellectual property;
  • problem-based teaching and learning;
  • and multi-disciplinary teaching and learning.

Participants at the EIPTN annual workshop in June 2007 agreed the following next steps for the Network, with the objective of developing the network as a resource for exchanging ideas on innovation and best practice in intellectual property teaching and learning activities:

  • enhancing the profile of the network;
  • developing the multi-disciplinary profile of the network;
  • increasing participation in the network, particularly by developing its European coverage;
  • building on-going networking mechanisms to augment the EIPTN annual workshop.

EIPTN participants also agreed that launching a dedicated website as a networking resource should be the first step towards achieving these goals.

The EIPTN annual workshop in June 2008 reviewed the aims and priorities and agreed to continue to pursue them over the course of the coming years.