SOFIA 2016 Agenda

4th July 2016


9.45 -10.00 Welcome Vice rector of ULSIT – Prof. DSc. Ivan Garvanov

10.00-11.00 Session 1. Problem/ Case based teaching and simulation

Chair, Tereza Trencheva

Peter Harrison- ‘Problem-based Learning: Does Panacea have an Achilles Heel?’

Mike Adcock- ‘How to design a Problem–Based Learning programme?’

11.00-11.30 COFFEE

11.30-13.00 Session 2. Problem/case based teaching and simulation

Chair, Alison Firth

Wei & Borghi- ‘Improving moot court for teaching trade mark law: experience and lessons at Bournemouth’

Caroline Pamp- ‘IP Contract Analysis’

Claire Howell- ‘The Patent Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship [PIPE] Club’

13.00-14.00 LUNCH

14.00-15.30 Session 3. Teaching across disciplines

Chair, Adoration Perez

Diana Nikolova- ‘Teaching and Testing IP Law at a Technical University’

Maria Markova-‘Advertising as an intellectual property’

Trencheva & Todorova- ‘Multi-disciplinary teaching approach in preparation of Bachelor’s students
in Library and Information Management’

15.30-16.00 Tea

16.00-17.00 Session 4. EUIPO and EPO Materials

Chair, Claire Howell

Giovaana Oddo (EPO)- ‘Activities and products to disseminate IP knowledge in universities’

Laurent Manderieux & Gabriele Gagliani– ‘Teaching Intellectual Property Through Certificates of Competence: Balancing Theoretical Learning, Practical Exercises and Curricular Incentives’

5th July 2016

9.00-10.45am Session 5. IP Management/practitioner involvement

Chair, Janice Denoncourt

Ruth Soetendorp & Anand Varu- ‘Integrating industry and practitioner experience in IP Management education’

Rumiana Brestnichka- ‘Teaching Trademark Portfolio Management’

Miglena Molova- ‘Developing students’ conceptual reasoning using model method in teaching
intellectual property in the digital economy’

Fanny Koleva- ‘Methodology for evaluation of cases in the classes in “Unfair competition”’

10.45-11.15 COFFEE

11.15-13.00 Session 6. Technology challenges and technology solutions

Chair, Mike Adcock

Haris Hasic-‘Tough Crowd – Teaching and instilling the value of Copyright in a generation of “Pirates”’
Ian Hartwell- ‘Holistic Depiction of Intellectual Property’

Bronwen Jones- ‘Online IP Asynchronous Debate Project using Facebook: the Outcomes’

Janice Denoncourt- ‘‘Intellectual Property Notebook: Displaying Creative Work’

13.30 LUNCH