SOFIA 2016

The ninth EIPTN annual workshop took place at the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies, Sofia Bulgaria, on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th July 2016. In holding this event the EIPTN Ltd. aims to raise awareness and disseminate information relating to:
The EIPTN Ltd. is multi-disciplinary in focus and aims to bring together IP teachers from across Europe to exchange ideas on best practice in intellectual property teaching and learning activities.
The EIPTN Ltd. is now a separate legal entity, a company limited by guarantee. The European Patent Academy of the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Academy of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) support the EIPTN Ltd. in holding this event.

In particular, the EIPTN Ltd. aims to raise awareness and disseminate information relating to:

  • innovations in the teaching of intellectual property, including web-based teaching and learning activities
  • problem-based teaching and learning
  • multi-disciplinary teaching and learning
  • promotion of IP teaching through IP professionals (i.e. TTO staff)
  • creation of a network of IP teachers.

Given the informal nature of the workshop, we do not expect participants who are chosen to contribute to the programme to prepare a full paper to present at the meeting. Instead we issued this call for proposals asking participants to give 20 minute presentations [plus Q&A] on issues relating experiences of teaching IP: for example, on teaching innovations, problems associated with teaching IP and emerging issues in IP teaching. We would encourage you to provide feedback from the students or evidence of any impact on teaching outcomes due to the issues discussed.

This year we also issued a call for posters.

In addition to the teaching sessions the EPO and EUIPO ran a session devoted to explaining and demonstrating the use of the IP teaching materials made available by them. Best practices of using the EPO and EUIPO IP teaching material were presented.

The working language for the workshop is English.

Information Related to the 2016 workshop:
The call for papers can be found

The programme for the event can be viewed

Presentations for the event can be viewed below:

If you know of any IP teachers who would like to become members of our network do please pass them this message.
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The Organizing Committee