15th Anniversary EIPTN Conference 2023 

 06- 07 October 2023 



Copenhagen Business School

City Center Campus 

Solbjerg Plads 3

2000 Frederiksberg – Copenhagen


Day 1 

Friday, 06 October 2023 

 Room number SP 112

09:15-09:45 Registration

09:45-10:00 Welcome and introduction

– Prof. Søren Hvidkær, Dean of Research, on behalf of

Copenhagen Business School Senior Management

– Laurent Manderieux, Chair, EIPTN

– Vishv Priya Kohli, Copenhagen Business School

Morning Session


1-Sustainability in IP 


Chair: Ulrika Wennersten, EIPTN Committee

-Bringing together EU IP Law and sustainability 

Giulia Priora, Assistant Professor, NOVA School of Law, Lisbon, Director of NOVA IPSI Knowledge Centre, Portugal

– Experiences from a master ‘s course in intellectual property and sustainability

Peter Gottschalk, Senior lecturer, Department of Business Law, Lund University, Sweden

– Substantive IP issues on sustainability in intellectual property

Ruben Cano Perez, Academic Fellow, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy


Chair: Adoración Perez Troya, EIPTN Committee

– Introduction to sustainable development law in intellectual property

Lisa Pinamonti, Contractual Teacher, University of Poitiers, France

– Educating company directors about corporate monopoly IPRs in a sustainability context

Janice Denoncourt. Associate Professor of Law, Nottingham Law School, United Kingdom

– Introducing Green IP in our classes: using WIPO tools 

Laurent Manderieux, Professor of IP Law, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy


11:30 – 11:45: Coffee break

1-Sustainability in IP (cont’d)


Chair: George Papanikolaou, EIPTN Committee

– Teaching sustainability through Intellectual Property in Gastronomy studies

Vicente Gimeno, Assistant professor, Commercial Law department, Universoty of Alicante, Spain

– Developing the critical thinking of students: a prerequisite for the development of a responsive IP framework

Luc Desaunettes-Barbero, Post-doctoral Researcher – Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

– Teaching „Academic Ethics“ – Intellectual Property as an obligatory module for first year students

Fanny Koleva Industrial Business Department,

Industrial Business Department, University of National and World Economy (UNWE), Sofia, Bulgaria

Miglena Molhova-Vladova, Industrial Business Department, University of National and World Economy (UNWE), Sofia, Bulgaria


13:00 – 14:30: Lunch break


Afternoon Session


2- Diversity in IP

14:30 – 15:45

Chair: Yolanda Bergel Sainz de Baranda, EIPTN Committee

– Preparing for culturally diverse creative industries through intellectual property teaching – A multi – disciplinary approach 

Vishv Priya Kohli, Associate Professor, Department of Business Humanities and Law, Copenhagen Business School

– Teaching socially diverse Intellectual Property Law: a design-based intervention using minecraft s the classroom

Maria Jose Schmidt-Kessen, Assistant Professor, Legal Studies Department. Central European University, Vienna, Austria

Stina Teilmann-Lock, Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Florence Villesèche, Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

– Assessing diverse strengths

Patricia Covarrubia, Reader in Law, University of Buckingham, United Kingdom

– Inclusive societally and culturally sensitive and specific IP teaching as a means to alleviate underlying IP antipathy and creating an IP positive “stake-holder” outlook

Haris Hasić, Associate Professor and Vice Dean for Scientific Research and Development, University of Travnik Faculty of Law,  Bosnia and Herzegovina


15:45 – 16:30 Coffee break and special keynote speech on Supporting Research for promoting the IP culture at Universities: The experience of 4iP Council in Supporting Research for promoting the IP culture at Universities

Axel Ferrazzini, General Manager, 4iP Council for Europe


2- Diversity in IP (cont’d)

16:30 – 18:00

Chair, Nicolas Binctin, EIPTN Committee

– Understanding IP through art: Object based learning in intellectual property law

Karin Annerbäck, Museum Assistant, Skissernas Museum (Museum of Artistic Processes and Public Art), Lund university Ulrika Wennersten, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Lund university

– Cultural heritage images, pseudo-intellectual property and the end of public domain. Using comparative law to teach the interplay between IP and cultural heritage regulation 

Roberto Caso, Full Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Trento, and Giulia Dore, Assistant professor. Department of Economics and Management, University of Trento

– Great expectations: embedding diversity into the university of Portsmouth’s 2023-2030 High Level strategy for Research and innovation and its IP and Commercialization Growth Plan 

Joe Sekhon, Associate Head (Research and Innovation), Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property, University of Portsmouth

– Intellectual property and equitable access to online education for Afghan girls under Taliban rule 

Murtaza Mohiqi Assistant Professor. Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science. Department of Culture, Religion and Social Studies, University of South Eastern Norway, Drammen, Norway

Marzie Moheqqi, Human Rights Defender, Afghan women education activist


Networking dinner for Speakers and EIPTN Committee




Saturday, 07 October 2023

Room number SPs 13 (VELUX Auditorium)


Morning Session


3- Technology and IP Law


Chair: Laurent Manderieux, EIPTN Committee

-The experience of Bartolo, a virtual assistant for teaching legal matters

Manuel Desantes Real, Full Professor, University of Alicante, former Vice-President of the EPO

– IP Teaching in the face of a Technological Tsunami

Sylwia Majkowska-Szulc, Professor of Law, University of Gdansk, Poland

– Using Collaborative interdisciplinary spaces for IP education

Aurelija Lukoseviciene, Post-doctoral researcher and Ana Nordberg, Associate Professor,  Faculty of Law, Lund University, Sweden

– Using the CleanTech challenge to teach sustainability and IP

Helen Gubby, Lecturer, Rotterdam School of Management, Netherlands

– Digital competitiveness and intellectual property

Maria Markova, Head, Department of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer, UNWE, Sofia, Bulgaria


4- Challenges in the New Copyright Environment

Chair: Alison Firth, EIPTN Committee

– Reflections on extended collective licensing 

Kostas Christodoulou, Professor and Vice-Dean of the Law School of University of Athens , Greece


11:45 – 12:00: Coffee break


12:00 – 13_00 Special Session:– Presentation of External Resources for IP Teaching in Universities

– Supporting Academics for online and in presence activities: EPO’s Academy’s Experience,

Giovanna, Oddo, Program Area Manager Academia, European Patent Academy, EPO

– Supporting Academics for online and in presence activities: EUIPO’s Academy’s Experience,

EUIPO Academy


13:00 – 14:30: Lunch break


Afternoon Session

14:30 – 16:00


4- Challenges in the New Copyright Environment (cont’d)

Chair: Alison Firth, EIPTN Committee

– Creative Commons Licenses for startups, Darius Whelan,  Lecturer in law, Director of the LLM in Intellectual Property and E Law, University College Cork, Ireland

– Copyright Law in Computer Sciences curricula

Galatea Kapellakou, Adjunct Professor, University of Aegean, Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering (ICSD), Greece

– 3D printing and fundamental principles of IP Law : the recent Greek legislation as a teaching example

Yannis Georgopoulos, PhD Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany and Lecturer, Kapodistrian University, Athens, Greece

– Digitalization of Cultural Heritage and IP

P. Stoyanova, Assistant Professor,Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Department, UNWE, Sofia, Bulgaria

– Investigating challenges of craft ecosystems in Swedish, Danish and Italian crafts

Marta Gasparin, Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Enrico Macció, PhD Candidate, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark


15:45 – 16:00 Coffee break


5- EIPTN 2023 Open Committee Meeting: the Way Forward for EIPTN

16:00 – 17:30


Closing remarks:

17:30 – 17:45

Laurent Manderieux, Chair, EIPTN and Vishv Priya Kohli, Copenhagen Business School 

Closing dinner for Speakers and EIPTN Committee


Call for Abstracts

EIPTN 15th Worldwide Annual Conference

Copenhagen (CBS), 06–07 October 2023

Sustainability and Diversity in Intellectual Property Teaching

Dear Intellectual Property Academic,

You are cordially invited to participate in the 15th-anniversary conference of the European Intellectual Property Teachers’ Network (EIPTN), to be held in Copenhagen on 06-07 October 2023 under the Auspices of Copenhagen Business School (CBS).



EIPTN is multi-disciplinary in focus and aims to bring together intellectual property law (IP) teachers from across Europe to exchange ideas on best practices in IP teaching and learning activities.

In particular, EIPTN aims to raise awareness and disseminate information relating to:

  • innovation in the teaching of IP
  • problem-based teaching and learning
  • multi-disciplinary teaching and learning
  • promotion of IP teaching through IP professionals (i.e. patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and technology transfer offices staff)

The European Patent Academy of the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Academy of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) support the EIPTN Annual Conference since 2007.


Conference 2023:  again this year with face-to-face format

Our 2023 Annual Conference will be hosted (face-to-face format) at the beautiful premises of Copenhagen Business School (CBS), and under the auspices of this University, at its Copenhagen city center campus, close to major transport hubs.

If the health situation in Europe requires so, these plans will be amended and switched to online/blended format as appropriate.

15th Anniversary Theme – Sustainability and Diversity in Intellectual Property Teaching – Academic and pedagogical research as a support to teaching: Sustainability and Diversity in IP at the heart of Academics’ work.

In the IP teaching and research community in Europe, there is a reviving interest in improving IP teaching, a topic sometimes neglected in the past by academics under pressure to deliver research results. Furthermore, the area of IP pedagogical research is becoming more widely recognized. As a result, both academic research and pedagogical research are fueling quality in IP Teaching.

As anticipated at our 2022 Conference, teaching techniques are rapidly evolving, and the COVID-19 pandemic has exponentially accelerated existing trends of massive use of technological tools in teaching. At the same time, questions connected to Sustainability and Diversity in IP, including issues connected to open IP are gaining in importance. Therefore, the central theme of the 15th Anniversary of our Network is – Sustainability and Diversity in Intellectual Property Teaching – Academic and pedagogical research as a support to teaching: Sustainability and Diversity in IP at the heart of Academics’ work.

Focus of our Call for Abstracts

As of the 2020 start of COVID19 pandemic, the IP Teaching Agenda was profoundly re-shaped by the emergence of online/distant/remote teaching. At the same time, social evolutions, connected or not connected to the irruption of the pandemic, progressively placed in the forefront of the IP Agenda the issue of Sustainability and Diversity in Intellectual Property, including in its teaching aspects (topics, programs, methods, etc). This evolution raises considerable interest and questions in the IP teaching community. Hence, this year our Call for Abstracts focuses on recent substantive publications, or teaching programs and pedagogic methods introduced by IP academics on:

  • a- substantive IP issues in general on Sustainability and Diversity in Intellectual Property that effectively contribute to enhancing quality and/or new channels in IP Teaching;
  • b- substantive IP issues that consider Climate Change and Promotion/Protection of Innovation and effectively contribute to enhancing quality and/or new channels in IP Teaching
  • c- substantive IP issues that consider Cultural Diversity in Intellectual Property/thanks to Intellectual Property and effectively contribute to enhancing quality and/or new channels in IP Teaching
  • d- substantive IP issues that consider Ethics in Intellectual Property and effectively contribute to enhancing quality and/or new channels in IP Teaching
  • e- substantive IP issues that consider Social Diversity in Intellectual Property and effectively contribute to enhancing quality and/or new channels in IP Teaching

As a matter of indicative and non-exhaustive guidance to Abstract writers, issues such as sustainability in designs or in patented inventions, cultural diversity, ethics and /or social diversity needs in considering the flexibilities of the existing IP system, are embraced by the present Call for abstracts.

In addition, the Way Forward for EIPTN established since our online 2020 Annual Conference was fixed under two main directions:

1– EIPTN Working Groups ( started embarking in developing initiatives and publications or group supported-publications and developed as many activities as possible.

2- Among the initiatives developed since the 2021 Session, there are initiatives that permitted to develop publications for EIPTN, or EIPTN-supported publications.


Abstracts selection priorities

Given the informal nature of the conference, we do not expect selected speakers to prepare a full paper to present at the conference.  Instead, we are issuing this call for proposals asking participants to give 20-minute presentations (plus Q&A) on issues relating to IP teaching experiences.  We would encourage you to provide feedback from the students or evidence of any impact on teaching outcomes due to the issues discussed.  Examples of presentations given at the Annual Conferences in previous years can be found on the EIPTN website at

Please note that, as per traditional practice at our Annual Conferences, the EPO and EUIPO will also be invited to hold a ‘best practice’ session devoted to illustrating and discussing the IP teaching materials they have developed, in particular online publications and tools that facilitate the work of Academics.

How to get involved in the 2023 EIPTN Annual Conference  

The working language of the Annual Conference is English.

If you would like to participate in the EIPTN 15th Anniversary Conference 2023 by giving a short presentation on one of the above items, please send the title of your proposed presentation and a 500-word abstract to

The deadline to send abstracts is 30 May 2023. The EIPTN Committee will then select abstracts based on their innovative character and potential contribution to the teaching of IP.

Under its traditionally dynamic orientations, EIPTN wishes to enlarge and extend its membership basis. To this end, contributions are encouraged not only from European IP teachers but also from young IP researchers and from public organizations engaged in IP teaching activities. In this respect, non-EIPTN members are welcome. One or more special sessions may be dedicated to their presentations.

Financial Support for presenters of Selected Abstracts

Presenters of Selected Abstracts will receive financial support for travel to /from Copenhagen and accommodation there for a maximum of Euro €500, upon presentation of expenses documentation. Only one presenter per selected abstract is eligible for such support.

Special Financial Support for Attending Young Academics

As of this year, 4 Young Academics interested in attending the Conference and preparing brief session reports may be eligible, upon selection, to receive financial support for travel to /from Copenhagen and accommodation there for a maximum of Euro €500, upon presentation of expenses documentation. Interested Young Academics are invited to send their CV to , for review and selection.

Other Conference Delegates 

We welcome delegates who are IP teachers and IP professionals (e.g. patent and trademark attorneys, technology transfer offices staff, scientific researchers) to attend EIPTN 2023 without giving a presentation: they will get full access to our debates and will only pay for social program activities. Please contact

2023 EIPTN Annual Conference Programme

Notification of the programme of the annual Conference and further details about how to register for the event if you are not a speaker will be sent once all abstracts are selected.  We confirm that the “formal” Annual Conference will take place on 06-07 October 2023.

Social programme and Support to Participants

The Organizing Committee has already resumed in 2021 with the tradition of its face-to-face Conferences, and subject to Health restrictions, intends to organize a full social Programme and Study Activities throughout the 2023 Conference. It will propose a list of Copenhagen city center accommodations conveniently located for presenters of selected abstracts and other participants, possibly with negotiated discounts.

Publication of Conference Papers

Details on possible publication opportunities will be given once abstracts are selected and depending on the quality of both abstracts and presentations.

Grow our EIPTN network!

If you know of any IP teacher or young IP researcher involved in teaching activities who would like to become a member of our network, please do not hesitate to pass on this message. We look forward to receiving your abstracts by  15 June 2023 and hope to see many of you at the Annual Conference on 06-07 October 2023.

Best wishes,

The EIPTN Organizing Committee